Sharekhan trading software user

is there anyone here who also uses sharekhan trading software. I Need help so please let me know.

u mean their online website or some specific trading platforum? I have demat account with them too so i use their website

Yes i am using Sharekhan Trading Software (Trade Tiger) since long time. Please let me know how i can help you ?

can you provide me the pre-open market historical data (incl. volume) for sbin, TCS, gail, coal, bajfin fom 5-4-18 to 19-4-18. Thanks for your reply. Its because i have heard that trade tiger is the only source of historical data of pre open market session in India.

I was talking about their soft. trade tiger.

in chart move cursor to the first flat candle. that’s the pre market candle. and in OHLC data you can see required data.

In which trading software?

TRADETIGER by sharekhan

Actually i use kite, that’s why i was asking for those pre market data from you. If you find some spare time then please do provide me the data( the pre-open market historical data (incl. volume) for sbin, TCS, gail, coal, bajfin fom 5-4-18 to 19-4-18).

If you/anyone knows the navigation, I can help extract the data for you. I tried looking but couldn’t find a report that gives pre-market historical data.


I dont knw anything about trade tiger, the reason though i have been asking to those who use trade tiger bcz i have read that historical pre open market data is available in the form of candle in your terminal. Thanks for looking btw. That guy vijender88 in the previous comment has mentioned about the chart.

you can see it in charts only as i mentioned above

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you can find data on chart only for the stock the chart shows, go, find yourself and be educated.

if you don’t have TRADETIGER, open an account with SHAREKHAN, you don’t, need to maintain any balance there, you can withdraw your money you deposit on account opening.

What is total account opening and AMC for sharekhan?
I’m not looking to trade with, but just want to use/explore software.