Shares bought in bse ..but it is reflecting in nse

Hello I have bought 100 shares on bse exchange at 3.46 rs each …but today I am checking shares are in nse 2.8 rs each…can anyone explain

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The same stock can trade on both the exchanges. Once you have bought the shares it shows up in your demat account without any tag of where you have bought. You can then sell it on any exchange you want. By default on Kite holding page we show the NSE price. But you can add the stock on BSE on your watchlist and place a sell order from there.

I do have the same issue… bought YESBANK in nse but now its showing under bse… and also SBI bought under nse has been sold under bse…its like shorting in bse…please advice

Same issue faced, but the reverse of it - I bought NiftyBees and some other stocks on NSE, and now they reflect in BSE. Initially, on Marketwatch, there was “briefcase” icon against NiftyBees and other stocks which disappeared mysteriously a few days ago, despite those stocks on the Holdings tab. So I didn’t pay much attention as long as it was reflecting on Holdings page.

I came to know of this issue only today, because of the latest Sovereign Gold Bond (SGBJUN28) I had purchased that is now reflecting in Holdings page. Apparently, this is mis-spelt as “SBG” on BSE listing instead of “SGB” - (SBGJUN28 on BSE, and SGBJUN28 on NSE). I was adding the bond on Marketwatch when I noticed it. Looking at this, I added the BSE-listed Niftybees and stocks, and now the briefcase icon reappears. Also, when I try to add/exit stocks/ETF from holdings page, it shows BSE instead of NSE. Why is this happening and what is the fix for switching back to NSE?

Read this.

Thanks @ShubhS9 for the info. Today, the NiftyBees listing showing on my Marketwatch and Holding is that from NSE (for a few days till yesterday, it was BSE) . Though, some stocks in my Holdings/Marketwatch continue to show BSE as mapped exchange. Interestingly, this issue is visible on the Web version of Kite, but not on mobile (iOS) version. Marketwatch on mobile shows NSE with briefcase icon against the stocks, but if I try to sell those stocks from Holdings tab on mobile, BSE shows up as mapped exchange again.

That is because the previous close on BSE was higher. To sell on NSE you can add that stock to watchlist and sell from there.