Shares not showing in holdings

I bought some shares of Ashok leyland on 18th August 2020. I got delived it to my demat account but today when I opened the Kite app it is not showing the shares of Ashok Leyland and also i lost my fund which I have invested in those shares.
When i created the ticket about it on, i got the reply saying that it is short delivery and I don’t understand why this happend and from where I get my fund back.
I tried to read the article related to it on varsity but please can somene tell me when I will be getting back my fund.

Can someone help me out.

When the person who sold you the shares doesn’t have them in his demat account, then the shares get short delivered. In this case, Exchange will conduct an auction on T+3 day (You bought on 18th so T+3 day will be today) and they will deliver this shares to you, if Exchange couldn’t deliver you the shares the sum you invested will be credited to your account.

More on Short Delivery has been explained here

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