Shares of trade by trade or T segment

I have some shares of a stock which is now in the trade by trade segment.
Is it allowed to sell these share on BSE and NSE or their is some restriction.?


Stocks in the T category (BSE) or the BE category (NSE) can be sold only after the delivery of its shares have been taken. What this means is that if a share is purchased in the T or BE segment on T day(where T = trade day), then it will come into your Demat account on T+2 day. It is only on T+3 day that these shares are eligible for selling.

If the same scrip trades in both NSE as well as BSE, then it will trade in the same segment in both the exchanges. If a scrip trades in the T category in BSE, then it will trade in the BE category in NSE.

Once delivery of shares have been taken, inter-exchange trades are possible. Shares bought in BSE can be sold in NSE and shares bought in NSE can be sold in BSE.