Shares Transfer from One Broker to Other - Charges

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I am planning to consolidate my portfolio from across several DEMAT accounts into one. I just wanted to know the cost involved in doing that.

1- How much does it typically cost to move, let’s say, shares of 10 companies from one DEMAT to other? (e.g. Upstox to Zerodha)
2- Does the value of the portfolio matter? Meaning, do I need to pay more if I have to transfer 10 lakh worth of shares vs 20 lakh of shares?
3- Any approx. cost involved would help.

Any practical insights will be really appreciated!


This should be of your help

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Close the account with your old broker and while filling in the closure application form, be sure to attach the CML of the target demat account, alongside it.

It’d be done FREE OF COST.

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