Shares Transfer from one Demat to another


I have a Trading and Demat account with Zerodha. My Mother has a Demat Account with SHCIL.
She wants to transfer all the shares to me. So if my Mother submits a DIS Slip with SHCIL and shares are transferred to my Demat.

  1. Will I be able to sell them through zerodha?
  2. Do I need to submit any Docs with Zerodha or they will update my Holding details automatically?

Kindly Help.

Yes, you can sell it through Zerodha. The shares will be transferred to your Zerodha Demat account and it will reflect in your Kite holdings, from where you can sell it.

No docs required to be submitted to Zerodha from your end. But the transferred shares will be discrepant in your holdings without a purchase price and purchase date. Follow the steps here to update the purchase price and date so your P&L reflects correctly.


Thanks Srinivas for the help.

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Hi @Srinivas I have transferred the shares to my Zerodha Demat account and they are now reflecting in my CDSL account but not in Holding In Q and Kite.
In Q Add Discrepant Holdings option no Scrip name of transfered shares are appearing.

  1. So should I wait as the transfer took place today itself?
  2. Or Should I add the scrip myself along with share qty and price?

Yes, Q will update your transferred shares end of the day. You can then add the discrepant details of purchase price and date tomorrow.

I transferred 5 Scrips from another Demat and added the purchase price, date and other data yesterday in Discrepant Holdings of all 5 scrips but today details of only 2 scrips were updated in Holdings.
Can someone from Zerodha help me with it?

Could you please message you Client ID and the discrepant details to my message box. Will have them updated from our end.

Thanks @Tintin for the reply and I have messaged you the Details.

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I’ve submitted a DIS to my NSDL DP today. By when can I expect the holdings to be visible in Zerodha?

It takes about 2-3 days for transfer to your Demat. You will receive a message from NSDL when such transfer is complete. The holdings will be visible in Zerodha the next day of receiving shares in Demat.
I am not sure about the above timeline as I transferred my shares from angel broking through online DIS service provided by them and the shares were transferred the next day in my case.

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I’ve received confirmation from DP and NSDL that the transfer is complete but I don’t see it in Q/Kite.

@Tintin @Bhuvan

Shares transferred from another DP during the day gets updated in your holdings only end of the day after the processes are complete. Are you able to see it now?

Not yet, it’s been 5 days already.

Could you please write to ‘[email protected]’ with this query. This will look into your account and get back to you with the correct status.

Update: I see my holdings and the transferred shares now.

Question: These shares are from IPO, what price should I enter in discrepant holdings?

Hi Sid,

You will have to search for the IPO allotment confirmation you would have got at the time of allotment of those shares. Enter those prices under add/edit discrepant quantities.


Dear Srinivas,
I have question on similar pattern.
I purchased few Infosys shares through Zerodha more than a year back and then transferred it to HDFC Demat account for Loan against share and pledged it .After completing payment of my loan to HDFC, I re-transferred my all Infosys shares as it to Zerodha. Will my holding period of more than 1 year will continue to hold?
Thanks in Advance !

Hey how much time does it take to receive the DIS booklet from Zerodha? And how much time does it take for the whole process to complete? I want to transfer my shares from Zerodha to HDFC…

how can I transfer shares from my zerodha DMAT A/c to another Zerodha DMAT A/c of my relative?

by using DIS in an off market mode.