Sharing is good ...Let's share our holdings

Let’s share our portfolio so that we may get knowledge from each other. Afterall sharing ones knowledge will have no negative impact and indeed it increases with sharing. My portfolio uploaded…

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Good. I don’t have any holding now. except positional Futures.

I got confidence that I can earn more than Investing stocks. so sold all holding in December and using that for Trading.

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I am also doing positional (very little) in index futures. Taking position in hourly time frame based on the direction of the larger time frame I.e. day and week.
Can u just share your experience in taking position in index futures.
Thanks in advance.

You Install google hangouts. It after login to gmail open google hangouts.

You can hold till you get profits. Don’t exit till your target is reached. Even if Nifty falls 200 points. That is my way of doing. But I trade stock futures more than Nifty.

Nifty is safer than Stock Futures.

Today 5 April 2017 positions. Made realised profit of Rs. 11000.

Don’t get annoyed with the losses shown above.

CONCOR was trading with Bonus Exdate. So it is showing huge loses. Actually I made profits in that. Even AMARAJABAT is also showing wrong buy price. actual buy price is 903.25.

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Thanks sir, for the invite. Joined the group.