Shark Tank India - Any Reviews?

I’m hearing a lot of buzz from the fin-twit community about the new TV Show - Shark Tank India which I believe about entrepreneurs pitching their business model and ideas to investors and looking to raise money from them.

I have not yet seen the show. Anybody saw it here already ? Is it worth watching ?


Awwwww…… you made me go and watch
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Thanks for the post and apologise the reply is inappropriate


Better than Indian Idol but not by much. The only concern is that soon they will forget the food to spice ratio. Too little spice and the food is bland. Too much spice and you gag.

Same thing happened with KBC. It was a show about good quizzing with some crying from time to time. Then it became a crying contest with some questions thrown in.


Although the show may have too much of typical indian realty show melodrama, I think it is a step in the right direction to have shows about entrepreneurs and startups (it is anyday better than the horrible daily soaps that our elders watch)

Im sure this is a just a start and we will get better shows with similar concepts.


hey appreciate your views @neha1101 @MarginCaller @Prakashsingh. will watch the show

Not watched though, but based on the noise around it, one thing that has happened is Shark Tank has atleast started driving entrepreneurship conversations in Indian Households which I believe is a win. Maybe more to come.


It’s been 3 days since I am watching the show and based on the ideas and pitches, I am impressed. Just talking about ideas that are brought on the show which are simply amazing makes us understand that not only entrepreneurship but also creativity and courage is definitely spread across the country and if nicely driven, too much growth to look at.

Apart from all the social media views/comments, just for the way Indian entrepreneurs are driving their business, i recommend watching it, if not already.