Short delievery


I have took shares in delievery CNC mode but i got message from zerodha saying 23 shares are short delievered.Now i dont see any amount credited or the number of shares.What is the solution for it ? Could you please help ?

Am guessing that you might have purchased the stock either on 25th (Tuesday ) or 26th (Wednesday). As you might be aware, Wednesday was a settlement holiday due to Budha Purnima. So, if you have purchased the stock on 25th, you ll get the shares through auction settlement on 31st May. If you have purchased on 26th then, you ll get the stock in your account on 1st June.

You can read more about short delivery from this Z-connect blog. If you are a Zerodha customer and haven’t received stocks delivered on T+3 day, you can create a ticket here.

If you are a buyer and if it is short delivered , you will get the stock in your account after exchange does the stock auction or you will get the money equal to the stock value as per short delivery system.


Yes,i brought them on 25th,but since i took delievery,they should be in my demat right? what do u mean by auction ? i shudnt bear any loss bcozz of this settlement,since i brought them in CNC mode

How do i know that 23 shares avg price ? i could be at loss if zerodha transfers whatever price for those 23 shares

Just go through this message detail you will get the details, Since you are a buyer , your are in safer side , you will not get any penalty only the seller get the penalty .

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You can check your holdings on the 31st.

Mr. X, the seller of the stock who defaulted, will have to bear the auction penalty. Since you are a buyer, you done have to bear any loss. Requesting you to visit the Z-connect blog.

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The settlement holiday thing is very confusing. Even your blog on Z-connect is not enough to clear various doubts.
1.) Can a holder (who already hold shares in demat) also default in delivering the shares due to settlement holiday ?
2.) Can a buyer default if he has bought on:
a) The day before the settlement
holiday ?
b) Two days before the settlement
holiday ?

  • In which case the stocks will be short delivered and a trader should be wary of, in relation to settlement holiday in particular ?

Settlement holiday and being a defaulter is 2 different thing. The chance of being a defaulter exists only when you do a BTST trade.

Settlement holiday plays the role only when delivering the shares. There will be a delay in the delivery of shares if there is a settlement holiday and due to settlement holidays, it won’t make anyone a defaulter.



Only when you do a BTST trade. There is no risk in selling the stocks from your holdings.

This Z-connect blog clearly explains settlement holiday and its impact.