Short delivery risk

I have a query on short delivery.

I bought 800 shares of tata motors on cash and carry and sold it today itself. What is the risk on this short delivery , will i be charged any penalty for this ?

Now, again i bought 800 shares of tata motors cash and carry and holding it.

If you buy and sell a stock on the same day using CNC or MIS, it will be considered as Intraday, cash-settlement takes place. No short delivery scenario. So, no penalty. To read more about short delivery, click here.

This will be delivery buy, should be credited to your demat account in T+2 trading days.

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what if in an intraday, I bought a stock and sold it but the person who sold to me have short sell them to me and could not cover up due to stock hitting upper circuit and the person to whom I sold took them for delivery. Would not this cause short delivery?

No, it wouldn’t. Your delivery obligation receivable/deliverable is computed at the end of the trading session. So if you’ve bought and sold during the day, your net obligation is 0 - nothing to deliver, nothing to receive.