Short Delivery settlement

Hi , ( 1) suppose if im doing BTST , where i got short delivered for my buy qty in my BTST , at the same time i had that same BTST qty in demat holdings which bought previously in higher prices , will it take that old qty which was in my demat for this short delivery and match this short qty ?

 (2) I noticed that some stocks bought on 5th (5.5.20 )  i got delivered to my demat on 8th (8.5.20) evening 4.30pm  only  , actually its T+2 days , so actually it would be on 7.5.20 only ? ,  ( ie ,  (5.5.20)  +  2 trading days  so  7.5.20 evening i would have to get ) , but i got it only 8.5.20 ie  T + 3 days , ? (here all are working days only , no holidays between ) .


  1. If you’re doing BTST with the same stock present in your demat account, the sell order will match with the initial buy order from the holdings as per the FIFO method. Check this

  2. 7th May was the clearing holiday so it doesn’t count as part of the settlement cycle. In such case, 8th May becomes T+2 day for the stocks bought on 5th May.


Thanks a lot for your replies :+1:

I bought some stocks on thursday 11.6.20 , actually it would be credited to my a/c yesterday T+2 days , till morning not received cdsl sms or " transactions in my demat " email from cdsl , but looks stock showing credited in demat when seeing holdings tab ( not showing any t+1 days like that ) , so can sell today ? or where can i confirm other than these ?

or can sell stocks after t+2 days , as im having 1 more day to deliver shares to exchange for my sell , between having 3 days so sure would get shares from short delivered person ?