Short ETFs... Is it Possible?

Is it possible to short etfs like Gold Bees ? I want to hold overnight position.

no. intraday shorting only. there is no F&O on ETFs in NSE currently to hold overnight short positions.

Okā€¦ Are the fees and commissions on ETFs lesser than MCX Futures ?

No risk of settlement and expiry hassles when compared with Futures I guessā€¦ Am I correct ?

As i said earlier, there is no Futures or Options on ETFs on NSE as of now. That means there is no expiry or settlement here.

Trading or investing on ETFs is just like trading or investing on any stock in the cash/equity segment. All brokerage and transaction charges are same for stocks or ETFs.

Maybe the DP charge (if you have taken delivery of held ETFs and held it in demat account) is slightly different. @siva ?

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Ok. Thanksā€¦ DP charges are minimalā€¦ can be ignored.

STT is the big oneā€¦ Otherwiseā€¦ all okā€¦

Yes, ETFs are similar to stocks in terms of trading for intraday/carry-forward.

@the_rock, GOLDBEES doesnot incurred STT.



That is good news :+1: