Short sell in intraday

Can one short sell any stock in intraday trading without any holdings in ones Dmat account . If yes , what are the condition one needs to fulfill regarding margin requirment and any other thing.

Yes, you shall short stcoks in intraday without holding them in DMAT. Again, you cannot short all stocks with margin, it’s limited to few stocks. Pls refer the link for margin calculation

You can short sell most of the stocks in Intraday (MIS) expect the the stocks in this list

you can short sell, but will have to square off intraday, else that will go to auction market, and the charges will be born by you only

Hi Sandeep,

Shorting stocks on an intraday basis (without holding shares in Demat) is very common and you can short almost all the large cap and majority of the mid-cap stocks (depending on which broker). However, there is one very important point that goes underappreciated while shorting and I want to emphasize that because I got my hands burned early in my trading life.

If you short a stock and couldn’t square off (i.e. buy back) before the end of trading session, you will be faced with what is called a “Short Delivery”. It can happen due to several reasons:

  • You short a stock and it hits upper circuit and trading gets halted (happened to me :cry:)
  • You forgot to square off and your broker doesn’t auto-square off at the end of the day (not an issue with Zerodha and other major brokers)
  • Any technical glitch

If any of this were to happen to you (especially the first one), be ready for some serious damage to your account. I lost over 65k in one trade because of this stupid mistake early in my life but fortunately I bounced back from that loss rather quickly.

You can read all about Short Deliver here:

Hope this helps…

Trade safe
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Thankyou very much for this info,Neha.

Thanks for the list and info you provided hydtrader.