Short Selling of Stock


I am new to Stock Market. I want to know how i can short sell the stock. Suppose CMP = 88 & my Limit(Start price) = 90 target price = 75 & SL = 100. Please show the process through screen shot, as i am doubtful since SL is already greater than CMP, so it will get triggered.

Also please explain about Trigger price.



HeLlO TrAdEr,

The following steps need to be followed:

  1. Place STOP LOSS SELL LIMIT order with Trigger and Price = 90. (trade entry)

ONLY After the above order gets executed you need to place the following 2 orders:

  1. Place STOP LOSS BUY LIMIT order with trigger and Price = 100 (stop-loss order)

  2. Place BUY LIMIT order with price = 75 (profit booking order)

Wait for order 2 or 3 to get executed, once executed, cancel the remaining of pending order of 2 or 3