Short Straddle alert

I have BankNifty straddle at 34600. Can I make an alert as the follows :
If PE price is 60% of CE price or vice versa I need an alert then for PE strike.
Example: I entered at the following price 34600CE at 470 and PE at 453.
Say market is bullish and CE went to 600 and PE is at 360. Now PE price is 60% of Ce price. At this point can I get an alert at this point for PE. If not in sentinel can I do this in Steak ?

It should be possible to get an alert for it by using Advance Triggers in Sentinel. Like for the above-described example, the expression would be as follows -

(LastTradedPrice('NFO:BANKNIFTY21JUN34600CE') * 0.6) >= LastTradedPrice('NFO:BANKNIFTY21JUN34600PE')

* Trade symbols used above are for the June 2021 monthly expiry. For finding the trading symbol for any instrument, use the Technicals option in Kite’s Marketwatch -



Thank you. This helps a lot.

@Prayag Can you also help me to set this trigger. Combined premium at any point (Ltp combined) should be greater than 1000. I tried searching but couldn’t come up with the soulution.

This advance trigger would alert you when the combined premium of both the strikes goes over 1000 -

(LastTradedPrice('NFO:BANKNIFTY21JUN34600CE') + LastTradedPrice('NFO:BANKNIFTY21JUN34600PE')) >= 1000

If your intention is to only get alerted when the combined premium of both the strikes goes below 1000, then try this -

(LastTradedPrice('NFO:BANKNIFTY21JUN34600CE') + LastTradedPrice('NFO:BANKNIFTY21JUN34600PE')) < 1000

Also check this thread for reference.