Short term view of traders for stock

Hello everyone

Where the comments or discussion regarding buy sell or hold positions in stock by the traders and investors be found???

On television. BTVI, CNBC TV18, ET NOW

@Morpheus i mean specific websites where we can check the conversation of traders whether we should buy the particular stock add position ,etcc…

CNBC Aawaz Live Stream on Youtube

Traderji Forum

Investing Website Chatbox

Valuepickr Forum

Moneycontrol Forum

@Newbie420 thnx can u suggest something like stocktwits as stocktwits is for usa not for india

StokTalk app

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Check Telegram groups also - One is Abhishek Kar Official

@Newbie420 thnx

StokTalk is good.

Valuepickr forum is good for stock discussion.

If you want BUY/SELL real-time alerts install IIFL app.

I assume it’s really going on there or really should be there, correct ? I assume that so no matter how you put it, right ? I hope you really do. I have found many live Youtube channels even but I simply lost them already. I propose to make such talks there;)