Shorting CNC on T1 day and buying and selling

I bought 1 share of X at 10 rs yesterday as CNC
Sold at opening for 11rs as cnc of 1 share
bought at afternoon for 9 rs as cnc of 1 share
sold in the evening for 9 rs as cnc of 1 share

now what will be my net quantity by end of day in my holding
and what will be the P&L

11rs sold and 9 rs bought will be considered as intraday and the realized profit is Rs.2
9 rs sold in the evening will be from holdings and the loss is Rs.1
So overall profit is Rs.1
if you do calculation in otherway also you profit remains same.(11-10=1 and 9-9 =0)

intraday profit 2 rs
holding loss 1 rs