Should I sell my shares or just wait? Please give me your opinion

Defence is the best form of offence.

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What of Selling in Equity Market

Retailers can participate in PRIMARY REIT market?
And how much return you making since the time you invested? I presume returns would be similar to one who buys Residential Property and keep waiting for min 8-10 years for good amount of returns.

in long term 15 % we can expect

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How this is possible?
U can trade on secondary market!

What you mean, How’s possible…
We can invest in whenever there’s new REIT offering in primary.
Secondary as always is open, and am aware of it… I was more interested to participate in PRIMARY.

R u talking about :
are IPOs in REIT coming ?

Maybe… It is model like MF. So how new NFO comes, same way for REIT’s

Without primary market, how would they list on secondary…
Here also Private Placements must be happening.

Go through this… Your doubt will be resolved.