Should I sell my shares or just wait? Please give me your opinion

Should I sell my shares or just wait? Please give me your opinion? I’m a long term investor.

Should I sell now and enter later?

My Brother , Investment is an ART , you want to learn and lot of thing , today you are hearing Buffet ,Rakesh and every body they all are invested in bearmarket ,

no one cannot guess any kind of market , you want to learn diversification , i have also invested but my exposure i will tell below , follow the rules , stay in SIP win in long term , never see you tube , never listen other words, never watch tv

My Exposure details Below

Equity -20% (stocks and ETF )
Gold - 20% (goldbeees ETF)
Realestate- 25% ( Embassy REIT)
Debt - 15% ( ultrashort bond fund 0
Liquid fund -20% Any liquid fund

in this down turn also my portfolio down only a penny of 1.2 % only
dont put all your money in equity ,
Do SIP in good stock , do your home work , never worry , the loss in short term volatility , bear market will stay only few month , how the bear market speed then double speed you can expect in recover also ,

so dont sell , just buy more on every decline of 10% keep always buffer cash

Warren buffet told , Retailer they dont have cash to invest in bear market , so only the retail people will fail in investment


all your stocks have good fundamentals. You don’t to worry much. everyone’s portfolio is down now.
perhaps, you can add more.


not a SEBI financial advisor, but i think you should buy more in this crash, this is a rare opportunity, buy more and diversify, don’t park your money in just 3-4shares, diversify your money into different sectors, keep at least 8-10stocks in your portfolio
at last i want to quote some words by W.B for you
“i know where the markets would go over a long period of time, they are going to go up, i don’t know where it will be next day, week, month or year even, i never felt that i knew it, never felt it was important” – W.B

also don’t buy all at once, SIP into good quality shares, and diversify, you’ll be rewarded, 10y later :slight_smile:


What are the other stocks that are good for investing?

Infy goes down solely because of the virus. So, this would be the first stock to recover from the virus?

But HDFC has some problems because of the Yes bank.

ITC has some problems due to a higher tax.

I like Bajaj stock. Since they are selling bikes in many countries. High dividend too. But there is a slow down in the auto sector. So, it might take more time to recover after the virus?

So, which stocks to accumulate first? What are some good stocks?

Should we wait for a month or buy now? How much should be the maximum amount to buy stocks?

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just buy ETF

Nifty bees and bank bees and golbees and juniour bees all covered


Will Goldbees go up, if stocks go down?

there are no free lunches in this markets bro, if you buy with my views, you will never learn to invest, i can help you by sharing my filters however, buy low P/E, high roce(greater than 10) and ev/ebit lower than 15, and sort out the companies on the basis of management and business moats

if you don’t have time to check fundamentals on regular basis, SIP into mutual funds or index funds.


GoldBees is pure hedging in portfolio , if you are investing in equity then gold compulsery want to in your portfolio , gold and equity are opposite brothers

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never try to time the markets, you’ll miss the opportunity, always SIP.


I wanna know why gold falling for past two days and today it fell big… time to accumulate gold ?

Can you share your interested stock list. Just to have a look :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

messaged you.

You have already answered your question - " I’m a long term investor "

If you have some cash please start buying whenever the stock is taking a dip.

Sell ITC and buy hdfcbank and forget for next 2 years.

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Hold or add more…don’t sell…

in Gold already people started to book profit , all the bad factors are priced in the market , people are sitting in cash , may be in coming month market can make a upper circuit also , today expected lower circuit, if any small good news is coming market will jump on up side , not like down .double speed in up side ,

we dont know when only FII and Professionall investor knows

yesterday i made 10k in option , i am not intresting to post screenshot , some body requested in private message ,

so for those people

Next big recovery we can see in financial , if market will recovering means high speed recovery only in bank nifty , bank nifty does in have circuit limit it can jump 5k point also , try to acquire in bankbees , bankbees can recover all the loose in one movement , i am accumulating when 20k bank nifty touch i will invest 2 times

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no one doesin knows when its will go reversed , any time can happen , be caution traders , investor best time to accumulate

in 2008 market went down 5 days continusely 8 day market went up 500 point and next day 500 point in those who have shorted all are wipe out , on that time i have an experianced , most of my friends are get out from the market
so Traders are really trapped in this current scenero