Should I square off SBI option at loss now?

I brought sbi option(1 contract = 3000 quantity, each quantity 3.5rs) for Dec 20 expiry, total spent nearly 10000rs, . Now last traded quantity at 30 paise. can i sqaure it off at losses? I am new to options this is my first option. I dont want to wait till dec 20 to expire worth less. SO thinking to sell it now so I might get atleast 900rs. please advise. I am using icicidirect. so when I see my F&O open position I see a link called ‘square off’. Can I simply click that link and select market price?. Because I dont think sbi will reach 300 rs till dec 20. please kindly advise.

If you are new you should not trade options. you need at least one year experience to trade options.

and asking for buy sell tips is not recommended here.

You have not mentioned which option you bought. Call or Put.

if it is put option you can square off right away. if it is call option you can wait and see.