Should one park excess money in liquid fund or liquid BEES

I have checked this website and Liquid BeeS looks like a good option to park excess money, but what will change if we use Liquid MF.

Since now Liquid MF are also available in the zerodha profile. How much is the withdrawal time for a Liquid Funds.

Yes, Liquid fund has no entry load, no exit load but STCG will be there if withdrawn fund before 365 days, but i guess it is applicable to Liquid bees too as it it traded on the exchange like share.

BTW, i am doing the same thing of parking certain funds to liquid funds since last few days.


How long does it takes to get the money back once you redeem in liquid funds?

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same as other funds , next 2-3 days

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Generally for most liquid funds, the settlement time after redemption is T+1 day. For example, if you have placed a redemption order on Monday before 1:30 pm, then you would receive the amount into your trading account by Tuesday evening.

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If we have to choose one Liquid Fund, Then how the HDFC Liquid Fund will be !
Is it good and low risk or can you suggest any other