Should we invest in NiftyBees?

Should we invest in NiftyBees? what is taxation of NiftyBees?

what are Advantages and disadvantages of NiftyBees?

Can i buy or sell like scrip? Is it possible to do Intraday In niftyBees?

If i want to invested for 15 years should i go with NiftyBees or Nifty Index Mutual fund?..

Yes Nifty bees is exchange traded fund but its behavior is just like any other stock.

  1. You should invest in Nifty bees if you think market generally will go up, but you don’t know which stock to buy. So buy the index itself using Nifty bees.

  2. Taxation on ETF/Nifty bees is just like how it is for normal stocks.

  3. Yes. Yes, you can do intraday.

  4. Nifty Bees is better as the expense ratio is lesser.

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Niftybees have expense ratio like MFs?
There are many niftybees then How to select which should buy? I got two niftybees which show negligible difference in ltp but huge difference in price drop comparatively to their last day closing price. Why is it so?

NIFTYBEES is the same, if you buy it on NSE or BSE. It was originally managed by Benchmark mutual fund, then Goldman Sachs bought it, now reliance bought it from GS.

Yes of course there is an expense ratio, it is 0.8%

Price of the same scrip on NSE and BSE might vary slightly.