Sign the petition to introduce mini lots in futures

Hi folks!
I’ve created a petition on to enable mini lots in all futures stocks/commodities trading so that we can do proper position sizing, risk management and emotionally stable trading. Nowadays SEBI has started banning mini lots in commodities too. If we let this happen, then in future retailers might be completely banned from trading. Please support and provide feedback:


I think its not banned by SEBI it was banned by MCX itself to bring volume to options. As u know MCX brought Options trading recently but it is lacking volume so I think they decided to remove mini lots to increase the volume in Options…

I have read the mcx circulars related to banning of nickel copper crude oil mini lots because of sebi instructions

I prefer every derivative contract to be of 1 quantity of what the price quote is for. That is the only way small investors can hedge their interest. That is what the derivatives are originally meant for. Speculation comes as a by product. By keeping the lot size bigger, even mini lots, the big players are given an advantage. That is not at all an honest thing to do.

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That might be a dream of every retail trader