Significant New features Request

Hello zerodha folks,
Here is a request,

A] Watchlists

  1. Increase Watchlist count to 10
    2)Shareable Watchlist, like copying watchlist from one user to another user
  2. Adding option like directly move the scrip or op strike to top of the watchlist instead of dragging them through entire watchlist, it is okay in handset but very tedious in desktop site.
  3. Shuffling watchlist from like if you add many watchlist it is added on the last but when we open the app watchlist 1 is shown, if you provide option to shift entire watchlist to another number then we can use 1st watchlist for the option chain, as multiple strikes are used during expiry

B] Login
I know safety is most important priority to zerodha by creating inhouse OTP system, but having through APP Code is very good similarly we can use system like WhatsApp Web which scans Login QR and then provides access into console.

C] Reintroduction of Trailing SL with now existing margin Requirment compliance by SEBI.

Thanks, looking for positive feedback and implementation sooner

This is in the works, you will see increase in watchlists soon.

Noting this as feedback. We had introduced import and export of baskets but observed minimal utilization of this feature. We’ll discuss this internally.

We’ll look into the possibility

Regulation requires that we do a full 2 factor authentication to allow access to the trading platform, a single QR scan to login will be non-compliant.

We’re planning to introducing trailing stoploss in GTT soon.

Yes, but I think there is a possibility which you might brush up on if possible
if the guy wants to login simultaneously in mobile and desktop site for more convince he can as he is already passed 2FA procedure mandated by regulations while logging in into system, after 2FA we can have seamless access into desktop login via QR.
I am not proposing QR for single terminal login

We can use this feature by mobile app as mobile login is pretty much convinent due to FP verification, but desktop is still having delayed issue

Your current procedure is to put in Credentials on desktop site and then put APP Code or OTP provided,
We can bypass it to QR DESKTOP login after logging in via phone using 2FA.

Please look into it🙂

I handle multiple Zerodha accounts, so this would be greatly beneficial for me as well…

Also, right now we can only add 50 items to one watchlist. An increase here would be helpful as well. For e.g., in Sensex, 1 per cent constitutes more than 7 strikes, so 50 is too less for days like today (expiry)…

I guess the limit is being increased to 100, unless this is some error…

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We’ve increased the limit to 100, Sachin. This change is currently under beta and you will see the limit as 50, even though you can add 100 items to the MarketWatch. Kite marketwatch items limit increased to 100 from 50

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