Kite marketwatch items limit increased to 100 from 50

We were working on the major backend changes related to the MarketWatch that will allow us to add more features and make significant enhancements.

The first improvement is the automatic removal of all invalid instruments from MarketWatch. This means that any expired contracts or scrips of delisted companies will be removed without any manual intervention. Additionally, if there are any changes to the strike price or series of equity stocks, the old ones will be replaced automatically with the new scrips.

We’ve now increased the number of items that can be added to the MarketWatch to 100 from 50 on both the Kite web and mobile app. This change is currently under beta and you will see the limit as 50, even though you can add 100 items to the MarketWatch.

We are also working on increasing the number of watchlists from the current 7 and many other features on the MarketWatch.


Hi @ShubhS9 , & zerodha team , also please consider these feature requests in kite web if possible ,
Heat map for equity holdings in terms of last two buy , not fifo basis ( or as optional choice for those who need this )
Watchlist 1 should be default for equity holdings , should automatically add and removes scripts when buy sell happend at eod level
Watchlist sorting should be more convenient like in tradingview , directly from top of the heading or column and sorting should be constant when sorted by % ( ie , if selected by % gains it should be constantly show top gain stocks )
Please increase pin option inside marketwatch stocks also with color tags
Dont know how much efforts needed behind this and how much possible these requests , but hoping for the best , as Zerodha always do neat and best things in long term views for customers, Thanks .

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I have one feature request you may consider.

Typically, say my watchlist #3 has 35 entries, but on a particular day (say some weekly expiry), I am tracking only a small subset of them, and need to monitor/trade them whenever possible.

It becomes very cumbersome to look at the subset as after a few hours on the computer everything looks the same lol. Once it also happened that in the heat of the last few minutes of market, I ended up trading a wrong one at market prices.

If it is possible to highlight marketwatch entries by pink/yellow kind of background color tags, that will make management very convenient for active traders… Something like the attached screenshot



Maybe adding an Option to add “sections” in a watchlist solve this issue for reference you can see trading view watchlist … Team should consider this as imagine having a 100 scripts in a watchlist but not being able to separate them within sections and bouncing between 100 scripts hoping your eye catches the one script you’re searching for …
saying this straight but team Z can take a whole ton of features from TradingView Watchlists alone
like those pie charts being able add sections and much more adding a screenshot for the same @ShubhS9


@ShubhS9 Live timings for candle formation on all tome frame on chart shud be added. This is already there on trading view site

This is present in trading view v2 charts in kite.

+1 for sections. Very useful on trading view.

I feel there is no point in adding more than 10 stocks in a marketwatch since you cannot differentiate between then by just scrolling. Some divider has to be there.

I add random stocks with huge names just to divide them so that my mind can quickly scroll past sections.

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This is available on V2 of Trading View charts on Kite. Here’s how you can switch the charts: How to switch between charts on Kite?

Sorting of a watchlist should be retained across sessions which doesn’t happen today. Not having sorting retained across sessions defeats the purpose of sorting altogether. Please think about this feature…

Please bring watchlist export/import feature. This will help us a lot when creating 100-200 stocks in watchlists. Currently only fyers offer this feature.


I can still see only 50 and not 100 on
Is this applicable only to the mobile app?


The limit will show as 50 however you can add 100 items to the MarketWatch.

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Have noted your feedback and will bounce this off the team.


Automatic removal of invalid instruments is not necessarily useful . Sometimes we might want to see old instruments (for backtesting )

Please include a feature to save all scripts in market watch. That way, I can keep a separate market watch for equities / options / commodities.

Also remove the quick order feature of zerodha. I find it useless . And it’s also misleading for newbie investors.

There should be option to see market depth during order modification.

Include more columns in holdings section. For example - volume, PE ratio , open price etc.

But overall , I love the smoothness of zerodha kite. Please don’t change it too much . It’s good as it is now. Market watch, charts , market depth etc is all so fast and easy to use.

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Do charts load for invalid instruments?

Thanks for your input! We’ve noticed that many users, like yourself, have expressed interest in having expired contracts removed automatically. Currently, the chart does not load for expired contracts.

Added instruments autosaved in Marketwatch. Can you explain this further?

If users want different types of orders, they can choose them, and these choices will be remembered for future sessions. We don’t think anything is confusing about this.

When a user is placing or modifying an order, they can view the depth both on the Kite website and the app.

Could you please elaborate on the significance of trading volume and opening price for a stock that’s currently being held? Detailed insights would be constructive.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We’re committed to maintaining a clean user interface and will continue to prioritize speed in our platform performance. Your feedback is invaluable to us.

Hi @askew , Could you please provide a more detailed description of this feature you’re requesting? This will help me in gaining a better understanding of your needs and expectations.

Hi , say if i buy a script , will hold till exit at gain for some percentage , if that stocks falls will again buy at lower levels and exit with gains , some times will buy at 3,4 times at lower levels , will buy for limited amount only each time , like that exit only at gains only ,the percentage varies between 10 % if mkt is good, nowadays im rotating for even 3-4 % gains , for this i have to watch manually all the stocks ( i hold 50 to 80 stocks at sometimes ) and maintaining excel journal for myself individually . Kite Holdings portfolio shows pnl and acquired costs in fifo basis , so that dont shows actually how my stocks doing for that particular day , say if i bought stock x at 100 and 2nd batch at 94 and again 3 rd time at 86 and if i sell stock bought at 86 for 90 rs at 4 rs gains and l still holding the quantities bought at 100 and 94 with unrealised loss , but kite holdings show this as exited at loss in fifo basis for the stock bought at 100 rs , So if heatmap based on last two buys say stock bought at 86 and 94 is shown , tracking more number of stocks would be easy for me , i will come to know at glance which of my stocks are in profits based on last buy transaction , i will exit at that stocks if mkt in sideways , so that i can re-enter again in some low levels, currently im doing manually , i can track this in mkt watch % sorting , but if stock gains 1% in day 1 and 1% in next day , and 2 % in 3 rd day , it wont be easily noticeable to me if holding many stocks to track , in this case heatmap shows which of my scripts are in green and how much nett percentage gains on that stocks at given time based on last transactions , dont know whether conveyed properly or not , still not clear pls inform me , Thanks a lot for considering our requests . ( pls bear with my language written :smiley: )

@ShubhS9 also add a feature to quickly see and buy futures for stocks by scrolling from a selected scrip just like we got quick option chain feature

Bhai it will take 10 years before all of this is implemented :smile: . very niche features unfortunately