Silver news updates?

i am silver micro, silver trader. i want to know news about silver trading, which websites gives news about it. and which causes silver move high and low ( apart from technical). news i want to know, which can influence silver trading…

Hi @VennaPramod

Although there are a lot of good websites for commodity related news, I find this one useful:

This is not specific to silver per-se but you might find it useful.

Just out of curiosity: what made you so inclined towards silver that you decided to be a silver trader? I know of commodity traders who trade in Gold, Silver, Natural gas (& agri) but never met someone dedicated to silver. Would love to hear your thoughts.

~Neha (


Right now I think there are plenty of such resources and platforms that give or conduct similar information. I personally don’t know but in any case it’s out there, you can send a request.