Silver trading my own strategy


i am silver trader. do you know any strategies in silver trading? i am following my own strategy. sell one contract, buy another contract.
eg. BUY silverM, same time SELL silverMIC. book the profits in one contract, and do average whichever in loss. wait for it comes in profit. so far now every thing goes well.

do you know anything other than this strategy?

what if the loss keep increasing in the averaged position ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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this startegy never works… what i mean u cant get profit in this…if it is so its very rare…what you can do is can do arbritarge trade for riskless profit in commodity

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If you are looking for a strategy, can try out this one on Silver-

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if you observe the behavior of silver at least 5 months this question never raise in your mind. i have been observing silver since past 7 months. you can get profits. you should follow RSI carefully. then see.

why dont you just wait for the point where you usually average and initiate the trade ?
strategies like this dont need any backtesting to find the outcome

Anyone watch the camrilla levels for 9 commodities in mcx?if one make calls with that formula in each commodi with single lot then by the day end definitely he /she earns a minimum of 50 to 70 thousands. Seriously I’m watching this for the past 6 months

thanks for sharing valuable information. but where can we find this indicator? in zerodha charts we couldn’t find it. in which website we can find CAMRILLA LEVELS?

So you are making 50 to 70k every day for last 6 months?

Everyone has his own ability of thinking and making a plan to do a job. It depends on the skill and knowledge whether the strategy is good or bad. If you have the both things then you will be a successful trader for sure. Just believe in your own and live your goals.

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Ha ha please read again my comment deeply watching only…but sure I hope I must earn 50 k per day while I’m trade

Sir please read my comment again watching only…but I hope surely I’ll earn 50 k per day while I’m trade

hi, where to find this cameriall indicator? in charts

Camrilla scanner available at pivoted trading and table available at goodwill commodities sir

Also we can use at mt4


Sorry pivotnet and mt4

Also in zerodha pi we can avail camrilla levels

I don’t know what he was talking about. Your strategy makes sense to me.

Bro you mean BUY silverM, same time SELL silverMIC. book the profits in one contract, and do average whichever in loss???