Simplest auto payment of mutual funds

I have installed Zerodha coin, ET money as well as groww.
What I want to do ?
I have found 28 mutual funds. I want to invest in these 28 mutual funds, one fund a day for the month hence 28 different SIPS in a month. I don’t want to change anything for one year. I want all of this happening automatically from my bank account. I am fine if I have to put all the money in my wallet for entire year in a single go but I don’t want to log in to the app daily and then pay.

Note : I did set up e mandate on Zerodha but it doesn’t directly invest in the SIP, it will only add balance to my Zerodha account. Same seems true with autopay, easy pay etc.

What I am looking for ? A solution where my money is invested every day automatically without me doing anything. I don’t want to change the mutual fund / change the investment amount or anything else. Does a solution like this exist where I set up SIPs and link my bank account and completely forget about it till eternity (or atleast an year).

@Bhuvan Can you.

Dont you think investing in 28 funds is too huge a number? Any reason that you decided for 28 funds?I dont think it would server purpose of diversification also as there is high chances that most of the stocks in all these funds would be overlapping anyways…

I think you should think about this again :slight_smile: By investing in 28 funds, you’ll essentially own the entire market. Put another way; you are basically replicating Nifty 100 or Nifty Mid-cap 150 or Nifty Small-cap 250 index. And you’ll end up lowering your returns because of over-diversification and all the expenses.

Once you set-up your mandate, the money is credited to your trading account and then will be deducted when your MF orders are due. You don’t have to do anything. Just set-up a mandate for the required amount and that’s it.

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Someone had told me once - 28 is a magic number (when you turn 28). I could see 28 again here. LOL.