Simplify Order placement window for F&O

Hey @siva , Just a thought can we simplify the order window for placing F&O orders. The Qty field in case of F&O is irrelevant and it should show the number of lots instead.

But on market depth they show in quantity, if there is also lots we could have done it, OI, volume and all in quantity only. For MCX as depth also in lots we show lots in quantity.

It is done in qty. because each contract has different no. of shares. Had it been uniform like in US markets (where 100 is the uniform qty across the scrips), only then qty. as no. of lots would have mattered. Here in India it is beneficial if we know how much shares are there in one lot. (The no. of shares in one lot keep on changing as well after every 6 months depending on fall and rise in the value of the stock).