Simultaneous login in KITE and PI

Why doesn’t zerodha allows simultaneous login in Pi and Kite ?


hello trader,

Simultaneous logins from 2 different trading platforms with a single trading id at the same time, is restricted by the exchanges.

This is to avoid order processing errors and duplicates.

Both kite and Pi connect to same server before reaching exchanges. Exchanges will receive communication from data server *". not separately from kite and pi. Also multiple logins are allowed in kite

upstox is allowing simultaneous login in upstox pro(web based) and nest trader(desktop based)

I am not sure wht is the problem in allowing simultaneous login in kite and pi

What ‘VenkatZerodha’ said is right. The simultaneous login are only until Zerodha server and not to the exchanges. Other brokerages like angel, Sharekhan, upstox etc allow simultaneous logins in trading terminal and mobile app as well.

Do remember here, that zerodha allows simultaneous logins in kite mobile app and kite web browser but not in Kite and Pi.

why cant i log in at kite mobile app and pi at the same time ?

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Zerodha should indeed provide this small but useful facility when many other brokers are providing it too.

login to kite first and then to Pi . It works everytime for me.
Infact i use to have mobile and desktop kite logged in and then i login to Pi…

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More than One Year…Still this issue is not solved…@siva any updates regarding this issue…

We are working on this, soon this should happen. It is delayed because this was not on our priority list.

thank you

Have u checked what should be the priority ??? Ridiculous

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Please keep this as a priority… Because, some unexpected wild behaviour is always there is association with Pi and Kite.

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Any news on this yet ???

We are close on this, should happen very soon.

@siva Any updates?

Most likely by next two weeks.

Btw when is Kite 4 coming?

This will take some time.

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How many days are there in very soon algo ???

@siva anyupdates? can we log into both now?