Since brokers are allowed to trade, don't SUCCESSFUL traders run the risk of their entry/exit prices being used by brokers to trade their own account?

Every trader has his own thesis based on which he trades. Fudging is not a great idea simply because you will never have a complete idea behind the trade.

In fact traders have gone one step further, and developed advanced techniques to fudge :slight_smile: its called the “Hedge Fund Replication”. Suggest you read through some of the article on HFR, you will understand the complexity involved, and probably reasons why it fails.


Even if the broker trades or someone else trades by copying your trades, what is the problem? Your account won’t be charged with any brokerage, LOL. I don’t see any problem. Let some people earn/profit from your behalf, then God will shower you with many profitable trades. :slight_smile: Be human dude.

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I urge you to understand what slippage is and how it affects when you start trading a bigger account.