Single ledger for equity & commodity

Refer the news (link below). Any idea when we can have single ledger for EQ & Commodity in Zerodha?


SEBI has to still give clarification on this. Equity and commodity businesses of a broker has to merge. All of this will take a long time.

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thanks for the quick update.

From the article…

Sebi still has to spell out the operational rules on a unified broker’s licence…

I guess I missed this part.



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@nithin how long will it take to Zerodha to merge and use single ledger ?

The two companies can be merged, but no clarity on whether we can use single ledger.

My requirements is whether I can use Equity Capital for trading in Commodities without any transfers between accounts

SEBI hasn’t yet clarified on this. We will have to wait until they say it can be in a specific circular.