SIP is the biggest competition to luxury car sales?

This is a surprising and in my opinion, somewhat weird observation from soon to be CEO of Mercedes Benz India.


On one side, we hear people taking loans and pay EMIs and on the other side, we hear statements like this.

your thoughts on this ? Have SIPs become that big a factor that luxury car brands are panicking and trying to break this chain ?

Or is it possible that the already rich have started realising the potential of markets and investing more.

I can’t believe this is a real. :innocent:
Mercedes Logic


Not just individual corporations,
there are entire nations/economies that subscribe to this model
of Consumption-driven Economy and Keynesian Economics.

So simply put, Indian retail are investing through pennies and cents, and all this is attracting the attention of HNIs, because market is rising, so luxury car sales are not growing?

I did not read the articles :face_in_clouds:

Boss why you delete it was good info

CVS put into short better words “Keynesian economics”