Site for Live market news. Instant news

Is there any site or platform available for live market news as and when they happen … Please dont suggest sites like ET and Moneycontrol which give delayed information…

I primarily need it for events like RBI interest rates policy , Data during market hours like results etc … as and when they happen.

This one suggested by Nithin in one of his posts, but I dont quite understand it, yet.


While this is not live new, you can still use to see the latest news related to markets.

The kind of instant news that u r looking for does cost much. Dow Jones newswire, Reuters Xenith etc provide instant news bits within few seconds. For aam aadmi, i believe twitter feed is more than enough. Use tweetdeck from twitter and follow reuters finance, bloomberg, cnbc, dowjones etc,. from ur twitter account.

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Nithin can you please help ?

its too delayed … I am looking for some kind of a live ticker … may be Nitin can think of adding this feature in the next version of the platform …

Thanks Man ! Any idea on how delayed that information is ?

Delayed by 1-5minutes.