SJVN BuyBack - Available on Q?

I am eligible for the SJVN BuyBack. Do I need to place orders through Q for the same when the BuyBack window opens? (Similar to Infosys & Wipro)

No it will not be on Q, you may have to send an email request attaching your tender form.

Could you please let us know who will be sending the tender form for SJVN, as am too holding this stock and would like to tender these for buyback.

The record date fixed is 18/01/2018, if you are holding the share as on this date you will receive the tender form on your registered email and address.


Hi, I am holding shares of SJVN before record date but didn’t received tendor form.

Not sure about the buyback period. But you may try contacting Alankit, who’s the RTA.

Hope it helps!

Source: [BSE India]

The tenderforms are now available at:

Have also received emails.

To what email id should I send the form.

Email to [email protected].