SL order hitting @ diffrent price

Through zerodha trader i placed SL order @ for 224.80… and it hit @ 225 ??
hows that possible ?

When you put an SL-M for 224.80 (trigger price), the system sends a sell order to the exchange. If the price immediately after that is 225, then your position will get squared off at that price.

It was SL order not SL-M

What was the trigger price?

trigger price was same 224.80.

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In SL Order type your order will execute at any price in the range you specify while entering the order. If you want exact price then keep “Price” and “Trigger Price” same e.g: if you want to buy (or short) at exactly 224.8 then in price and trigger price enter 224.8. But in this case there’s no guarantee that the order will be executed.