SL versus SLM.. what's better?

what makes sense… ? SLM or SL?

SLM causes slippage… which can accrue over time to big losses.
SL can cause ‘trigger-missing’… again loss of profits.

intraday trading is hard since trader have to give up almost 20% of the profit to different charges even without slippages.

depends on your strategy. if u do less trades, use slm so those less trades go good and arent ruined by loss of profits
if u do more trades, use slm so that even if there’s slippage in some trades, you still make profits.
also, if its a volatile stock, use slm else sl will erode profit, and if not so volatile, use sl so that slm wont eat profit.

The more liquid the stock, the lower the slippage.

using SL can be missing rally,whereas SL-M orders are guaranteed entry in rally, but level of entry is main issue.
trading liquid fut may cause small loss compared to option. but if you have good strategy, then SL-M orders are really working well.
my almost all entries are SL-M. & works well to me.

Hi @nool,

Please watch this video…may help to understand the key differences between the two stop losses and which one is better.