SMA, EMA doent work with Renko


In Ultimate plan , Renko is showing only in Basic section drop-down and not when clicked on Advanced as given in help section.

Also in Strategy, SMA, EMA in Renko charts are not considered while back-testing. (Eg. 3 SMA crosses above/below 6 SMA etc) .

Checked with different combination of time and MIS/CNC settings.

Please assist.

@Streak can you.

Renko is available in the basic Create strategy page and is not currently available in the advanced Create page(Create Plus). We will be adding Renko support Create plus in the future.

It is better to us higher/lower than instead of cross above/below. You can watch the webinar to understand this better.

However, all the options are available to the user. In case you are facing any issues with the backtest result, you can write to [email protected]