SMA Stratezy Intraday

can anyone pls write the code for streak zerodha it would be helpful for me thanx in advance

BUY CONDITIONDS (Time Frame 15minutes)

  1. The last candle of the previuos day Must be near the SMA 89 and the slope of the SMA must be pointing towrds up
  2. The candle must be bullish candle (either of the first 2 candles)
  3. The bullish candle must cross SMA line from below and close above
  4. Buy when breakout occurs at the high of the crossing bullish candle

sl must be lowest low of the two candles

tgt 2 times the difference between highest high and lowest low of the 2 candles

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@Streak can you.

The target calculation, last days 15min candle marking is currently not possible to be implemented. However, if you are looking for a previous day candle close near SMA, it is possible.

Let me know if you want to implement this.

can u write the code for the remaining conditions and if possible can u prepare a scanner for the first condition if not possible than in daily timeframe pls

thanx for supporting who r new to this platform

Please share a screenhsot of the setup.