Small cap mutual fund

L& T emerging business or hdfc small cap or ABSL PURE VALUE
WHICH ONE should i take for 30 years

L&T emerging business.

Go for SIP with 50%-50% in both of following:

  1. L&T emerging business
  2. HDFC small cap

That nice

L&T Emerging Business fund…

For 30 years investment, you are supposed to take diversified fund which is less risky as compared to Small cap Mutual Fund.
And HDFC Small Cap is the best one (it’s not small cap but a diversified fund, perfect one in your list)

And if you persist to go for Small Cap, then L&T Emerging Business Fund is a good one.


Does small cap really work even in long term horizon for say, 25years?
Or is it better to put that amount of money in some multicap or even index fund where i can guaranteed return in such long horizon