Smallcase charge for my own created smallcase

Will I be charged (100 + GST) if I create my own smallcase and buy via smallcase ?
If I create a SIP, am I charged for each SIP transaction ?
Why are ETF not available to be added in user created smallcase?

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Rs.100+GST is charged for a self-created smallcase as well. No charges for smallcase SIP.

Thanks for your response.

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Hey Smit,

You can now create your own smallcase by adding ETFs.

why do want to create smallcase etc…just go ahead & buy ETFs (juniorbees/niftybees) on dips…they are the best investment models across the world. if you understand charts then buy on reasonable levels averaging at dips & sell on 10-15% profits every 2 months. Nobody will tell you as advisors/distributors don’t get commissions for recommending ETFs…


Rs.100+18 is charged for your created / customized smallcases as well which is a charge for tracking your smallcase with the custom Index value.

No charges for any other transactions such as invest more / manage / SIP / exit with your created smallcase. Its just the zerodha charges would apply.

Now you can also Add ETF’s to your created smallcase and the maximum number of stocks to be added to created smallcase is increased to 50. Earlier you can add only upto 20.

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