Smallcase - rebalancing related

Dear @vasanthkamath

I had invested in a smallcase recently, “Magic Formula Low cost version” - I have few doubts

  1. Will this low cost version - remains low cost after rebalacning, I mean less than 5000, Because, I cannot invest more amounts like 10K, 15k etc… at once after rebalancing. ( If I did not invest during rebalancing my smallcase will be entirely different from the Original one. As per your terms and conditions I will not receive any future updates also, I have to manage myself, that I cannot do, I dont have necessay skills)

  2. When you (smallcase team) rebalance the smallcase, How much money do I have to pay (approx). Because, In a smallcase you can add any number of stocks and you can make the price of smallcase to any extent.

Thank you…

Hi @Vijay_Kumar_Polimeru, thanks for trying smallcase :slight_smile:

Addressing each one by one

  1. Yes, the idea would be to keep it as a low-cost version. You will not receive (future) rebalance updates only if you customize your smallcase before buying (not if you add/remove stocks after buying as is) or you create your own smallcase

  2. Depends on the value of incoming stocks vs outgoing - most of the times, should be a minor amount going in or coming out as noticed in historical rebalances

Let me know if I can help in any other way

Thank you very much for replying @vasanthkamath

so what you are saying is ,

  1. We can some add/remove stocks from the smallcase after buying it
  2. is it possible to see historical re-balance updates.

Thank you…

  1. That’s correct - you can add/remove stocks/shares from a smallcase post buying (only do this from smallcase, not Kite since we don’t get your order activity from them) and continue to receive rebalance updates

  2. Drop us a mail at [email protected] - we’ll see what we can do

sir pls mention Stoploss and Target for each scrip at the time of purchase/reblance of smallcase OR mail us to modify smallcase when stoploss or target hits.

Hi Amit - right now, we only support market orders, there’s a plan to include more order types in the future

atleast contact us whenever the targets gets achieved for every stock.

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Just to clarify, if the rebalancing is applied and some of the old stocks are sold away and new stocks are bought it happens at zero cost isn’t it?
As in will there be DP charges applied to those stocks which are being sold away during rebalancing?

Hi Amit, we don’t set targets for each stock

Requesting you to please update which stock added and which stock removed in the smallcase along with message
Last rebalanced on 15 Jan, 2018. Next rebalance expected on 15 Feb, 2018
similar to the picture shown below

request is also mailed @ [email protected]

It’s hard to give a definite answer about these things. There has to be more information, and to know the desirable end result. You just need an exact analysis before the answer.

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