Smallcase Returns analysis



I am planning to invest in Smallcase and would like to get feedback from those who have been holding them for a long term and provide an holistic view of the returns expected.


smallcase just packages themes and gives it to you but the onus of analyzing them is still left to you. A smallcase by no means is assured of good or guaranteed returns.


Thanks Much man


Small case is mostly for people who can’t do regular trading. I don’t have a long term holistic view, but based on last 5 months experience (June-October 2017) I would say you can expect anywhere from 3%-20% returns.


Thanks @arunnene2. That’s good and in a bull run, the benefits will be huge if we stay invested for a long period of time. By the way, you got any info on how do they review the performance of the stocks in the small case and make changes in the pack.


@Vigneshwaran_Vick This is too short period actually to ascertain the goodness of this. The initial 2 months the returns were low then when the market started to rally the returns also grew. So its all dependent on the market. They have different themes under which you can invest and each theme has a rationale behind it. And every quarter there will be rebalance updates, depending on the performance of the existing stocks you may wish to apply it or ignore it. They will remove the underperforming stocks with other potential stocks. How they review the performance of the stock is based on that rationale and I have more info on that.


Also, look at Select smallcases. These are not theme base but categorized as large cap select, mid cap select and small cap select where stocks are picked from various different themes based on market cap.


Investing in a smallcase is an art, everybody will not get same return on the same smallcase if not invested in proper time. I usually manage to get around 30-50% CAGR return.


Could you share more info on your small case selections?


Yes with glad, actually always I don’t put money on any fancy smallcase, I invest only those smallcases where I see it can exploit the current/future economic condition and based on that I change/delete some stocks and change the weight-age of the individual stocks. So I use smallcase as a base and then tune it so that it must give me the optimum returns. If you can perfect yourself in this thing a smallcase can be a huge money maker for you in coming years.


So since how long have you been invested in Smallcase? And in which one did you invest?


Sorry I cannot reveal that as of now you can take it a trade secret of mine. but i can give you some hints such as i do follow worlds best minds and thoroughly trust them. I choose smallcases where I see it meets my selection criteria and then I start analyzing all the components of that smallcase, if it satisfy me (I must say smallcase compositions are great) I go with it and then sometimes if it unsatisfactory I withdraw/add some stocks from/to that composition.The thing is if you crosscheck all the stocks yourself you will develop some conviction but if you invest by somebody else recommendation you lose the conviction.So even if a smallcase is not working as i expected earlier for some time i have the conviction it must bounce back and it does eventually. I am not bragging but till now my returns are over expected, last but not the least don’t forget the inherent risk within it so my friendly request is don’t get carried away by its return and do invest some funds in debt based mutual funds. Have a holistic view when investing and achieving/completing your financial goals.