Smallcase returns - loss


I started investing in Smallcase last year(CANSLIM). Every rebalance is a loss. Today I finally saw my index value is about 87 and realised P&L is about 2L.

I understand market is fluctuating now but my one year returns are negative 13%. I heard they do a lot of research to recommend stocks in smallcase, but why is it consistently loss?

I had a long-term plan of investing in SIP in Smallcase. Is it worth it ?


you have not understood how small case works and thats why you lost.

When investing you must understand downside vol , which i believe small case does not publish.

So you have no idea how much downside vol will be there and how much drawdown will be there.

you sir are screwed.

I suggest you stick to good low vol MFs , you can look up on valuereaseach for the data on MF and then decide.

Small case has a long way to go. Right now its a joke.



I suggest you calculate the downside vol on your stocks contained in smallcase and prepare for the worse.

Better yet look to buy even lower if you can and try to breakeven when markets recover.


@sabyasachi_sadhu knows in and out of Small Case Platform and its Formulas much better than the team behind the platform.

Hopefully he too can share his comments on the topic.


if you are in equity you need to be ready to make loss in short term. even the best of analysts fail so don’t worry…markets to bottom further & you’ll get more chances to invest but hold on for 5-6 yrs. now all the guys asking to do SIP, all tv/newspaper commercials on SIP etc have suddenly stopped…this is the state of investors in india…ET has published article that MF industry has seen heavy selloff in aug & sep. Lot of smallcase investors are in state of shock i guess as they had not booked profits earlier…


No arjun bhai I am not that expert at least not better than smallcase research team, anyway I have done an thorough analysis on some selected smallcases (eg magic formula, canslimesq, the naked trader etc) and found that keeping smallcases for a year and then rebalanceing is the best option instead of quarterly rebalancing cause according to the original author it’s best keep those stocks for at least for a year to show its return potential, 3 months period is too low and its like speculation.


invest in niftybees and juniorbees.


Hello Sabyasachi. I’d like to know what happens if I deliberately miss or not opt to rebalance my smallcase for one or more quarter. Will I be able to rebalance in next quarters?

& I hope you’d not mind telling me about your returns. Are they better than best mutual funds? Last year some of my smallcases began to give me negative returns and I exited in panic… but now I’ve learned from my mistake and hope I can travel through ups and downs of markets in a balanced way.


Hi Nishant_Mishra,

Of course yes, even if you skip the rebalance updates, you will still receive all the upcoming rebalance updates. The new rebalance update will override all the previous updates.

Only for created and customized smallcases, rebalance updates will not be sent. Any changes that you make to the original smallcase before purchasing is customized smallcase.