Smart Trading basics

  1. A Smart trader is who invests in a company by thorough analysis of the company. He has to understand how the company has been doing in the industry so far.
  2. One has to understand what are the driving forces of the future of India before Investing.
  3. When you buy stocks of a company you need to understand what they are doing in the current financial year and as well as their planned activities for next two years or more.
    4.Do not invest all your money in one entity only. Multicap investment in the stocks can make you a multibagger in the future.
  4. Regualr checks of the facts and figures of the stocks will keep you updated about the investments and how they are moving or changing according to the market.
  5. The best stocks are which move the market or we can call it as market movers and the whole industry is talking about them in the media and news papers. Do not get scared by the stock price of them but you can get benefit from them even they are high value stocks.
  6. A smart investor can check the portfolio of a best mutual fund company and how they have allocated their assets in the stock market. A smart investor is similar to a Mutual fund company since he works for his own financial growth by his smart management strategies.
  7. Do not get scared by the small changes in the market since Indian Stock market has a long way to go. I will say it is a Super fast express train now and the next 5 years it will speed up like a Bullet train for those who invest their money in the smart way.