Sold a Stock Call option. Now there are no Buyers to squareoff

Sold a Stock Call option. Now there are no Buyers to square off. what to do

sold a call at 800 premium 67 rs not the stock price has risen considerably and i want to square off but there are no buyers at the strike price. what should i do.

In which stock trade ?
Strike price and premium also

You can place limit order at what ever price you want to close and just hope that some seller will come and hit your bid.

You sold initially so inorder to square off, you need to buy back.

In order to buy back, you need sellers & not buyers.

Sorry ! I meant sellers…


@siva What if you sold both put and call banknifty but you can not square off ? i.e. can not find seller so u can buy it back ?
What will happen at expiry?
If those strikes are way out …? for example banknifty is currently around 20000 and if one shorted 21500 CE and 18300 PE and banknifty expires at around 20000 …what will happen? You just eat the premium and theta decay? no worries about STT or anything else?

I guess you meant 21500 CE

You have already paid STT while selling them, so don’t worry about it.
Also don’t bother about squaring them off if they are far OTM on expiry day. Broker will square them off for you saving you INR 40.