Sold Holding, Planning to buy again

Hello Friends,

I had ABC stock in my Holding.
I sold it.
After two days, if it shows strength again, and if I wish to buy as Holding again, in this case is there any rule that stops me buying again?
I mean, should I wait for certain number of days before I add it in my portfolio?

Kindly help.
Thank you.

Once you sell shares from holdings, you can buy the shares again whenever you wish to. There’s no waiting period.

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Thank you. :+1:

Can you buy the same shares the same day you sell. I sold a specific stock on icici direct and tried to buy it again the same day (for tax harvesting). The message was

“As per regulatory requirements for securities settlement, your order/action has been restricted as you already have an opposite order/position in this stock.”

However, I could buy the same the next day.

Not sure about this message, best you check with them.

We allow buying sold holdings on the same day. Also, this will be considered as intraday trade as there is no movement of stock from the demat account and doesn’t have any impact on the average price as well. More on this here: How is the buy average affected when shares from holdings are sold and bought back on the same day?