Sold units worth 90k of canara robeco. No payout yet

Sold units worth 90k of canara robeco on thursday 5 Dec.
I got a cdsl text saying my demat is deducted the next day.
But the money yet did not made it into my account …
What may be causing the delay ?
Just afraid after hearing the Karvy news.

wait till monday// they also need break on saturday -sunday.( Processsing happen on working day max 3)

If its T+2 day stock u will get money on monday evening, if its T+3 you will get it on tuesday evening because Saturday and Sunday holiday.

If you’ve sold your MF investments through Coin, Zerodha’s MF platform, the funds will hit your trading account not your bank account. You would then be required to place a withdrawal request and transfer fund to your bank account.

Also, your trading ledger will get credited as per the settlement terms of the respective fund. So if it’s T+2, then you’ll receive the credit today and likewise.

Thank you all for clearing that up.

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So no funds on Monday. Hopefully Tue it will be there.
I got a text from CRBnf saying they diSpatched a cheque. Which is weird.
Your redemption in Folo XXXXXXX7073 CRMF Equity Diversified Fund - is processed. A cheque for an amount of 98412.51 will be dispatched to you.