[SOLVED] For Zerodha: High brokerage charged

For trades on 25th January, I was charged Rs 209 as brokerage. I had a BO order for buy and sell for 1000 shares of HDFC and another BO order for sell and buy for 1000 shares of HDFC. Earlier I was never charged this high brokerage. Has there been any policy change at Zerodha?

I i kinda see brokerage going up so high

Can you share screen shots of your contractnote?
Just to spot the discrepancy.

Can you check if your order is executed multiple times, in that case your order will be charged separately for each order, can check about that here, also did admin squared off or you squared off your position? because if admin squared off, call and trade charges also do apply.

Yes, there were multiple trades but many times i would BO 5000 shares which would be executed in multiple trades and the brokerage would not be this high.

Anyways thanks for the info. Looks like multiple trades is the reason. But this defeats the discount brokerage advantage.

Nothing like that, at-least I think so, multiple order execution is not in our hands to control and we charge on per order basis which is in sync with our policy.

Thanks. Yes, I understand.