Some L&T Amc funds being merged into HSBC AMC on 22 Nov 2023

@ShubhS9 once this happens, how soon will we be able to repledge HSBC renamed funds again?

eg I have a L&T money market fund - direct growth which will now be named as HSBC money market fund - direct growth on 22nd Nov, 2023.

@ShubhS9 @Pai any updates?

You will be able to pledge these funds once they are added to the approved list by the Clearing Corporation, The list is updated by CC every month.

@ShubhS9 for some reason the unpledging of “L&T money market fund - direct growth” has not happened as of today or yesterday (the stated date as per the email). Do we know a firm date when this will happen?

The units will be unpledged today.